Thread-cutting machine

Purpose: thread-cutting machine is designed to cut thread on bars with pitch of 2/2.5/3/3.5 mm. Suitable to treat bars of 12-40 mm in diameter.

Engine: the machine is based on electric engine with power consumption of 4 kW. The power is supplied from AC three-phase network of 380 W. The engine cooling system prevents overheating.

Advantages: the structure is designed having castor wheels to easily move the equipment through the working area. The housing is covered with a paint layer preventing corrosion.

  • range of steel bars treated diameters: 12-40 mm
  • treated thread length: ≤90 mm
  • treated steel bar length: ≥ 300 mm
  • Power: 380W 50 Hz
  • Engine power: 4 kW (5.5)
  • Dimensions: 1000х480х1000 mm
  • Weight: 450 kg
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