The customers get the guarantee of quality and compliance of order terms both for complex and separate services

Contracted works for reinforce joint

Using threaded couplings

  • Installation of thread-cutting/thread-rolling machines at the construction site in shortest time possible
  • Thread cutting on reinforcement performed by experienced workers: you do not pay for depreciation charges and consumables, only for the work done
  • We guarantee quality and fast performance



Using compression couplings

  • Preparation of connection pressing equipment
  • Pressing performed by experienced assemblers
  • We guarantee quality and fast performance

Experienced assembler and workers will carry out contracted works of reinforcement joint at the construction site in shortest time possible

High performance in shortest time!


Our own production having turn/mill CNC machines fleet allows us to produce couplings and other metal products with high quality and in the shortest time possible.

  • Manufacture of customized products
  • We’ll promptly determine price and production time
  • Production engineering control

We guarantee favorable prices!

Rent of equipment

The machines offered for rent by our company are professional equipment that has a good safety margin and can work at high loads.

All machines are checked and ready to be sent to a construction site in any part of Russia.

You can rent equipment with METAFIKS company for any period:

  • thread-cutting machines
  • thread-rolling machines
  • coupling pressing machines

Lowest cost solution for construction and installation works!


Engineering consulting

METAFIKS company carries out comprehensive engineering work

  • Support in solution development according to a customer technical specifications
  • Calculation of an object technical and economic performance
  • Technical documentation preparation
  • Laboratory tests of coupling joint samples
  • Preparation of enforcement documents package
  • Assistance in coordinating the project with more profitable solutions

Building the future together!


Staff training

Treating coupling connections is easy, fast and effective

  • Engineers of METAFIKS, LLC, will train future operators without discontinuing work.
  • The training program includes all aspects of equipment operation and technical maintenance
  • We adapt the program according to your needs
  • We can train your workers right on the site

When supply ng equipment and couplings to a Customer’s construction site, we’ll carry out equipment commissioning work and installation supervision and train the staff. Then the Customer performs the work on their own.


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